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Aching Beauty : it’s over.

After 10 years of shared passion the adventure ends here for Aching Beauty. 10 years that gave birth to several live shows, 2 LP « One More Step » and « Live at the New Morning », an album « L’Ultima Ora », and eventually a single « Virtuelle Amnésie ».

With time going, each of us walked a different musical path, despite the common foundations that gathered us. After the first album we tried to reach a new musical evolution, but in the end we did not make it.
The Story was beautiful, we have nothing to regret.

Aching Beauty wishes to thank deeply all those that supported, followed, applauded and went along with us : Family, fans, musicians and bands.

Aching Beauty was Aldric, Antoine, Julien, Vincent, Vincent (20.100) et Fabien. Each of them will go forward and will certainly keep in touch with you via this website forum.

While leaving, we give you our music : the album « L’Ultima Ora » is now available freely for listening and download.

Aching Beauty

L'Ultima Ora

"L'Ultima Ora" ... the last hour of daylight...
when night has ruthlessly absorbed dusk's glow,
revealing to each one their own shadows, their weaknesses,
their remorses, their regrets...

L'Ultima Ora is Aching Beauty's latest album released in november 2004, distributed by Brennus Music - ref. BR 8131.
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Recorded at "Cheap Noiz Records" studios
Recording and engineering : Bertrand Drecourt
Mastering : François Cousin at "Studio Z"
Distributed by Brennus Music