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Aching Beauty : it’s over.

After 10 years of shared passion the adventure ends here for Aching Beauty. 10 years that gave birth to several live shows, 2 LP « One More Step » and « Live at the New Morning », an album « L’Ultima Ora », and eventually a single « Virtuelle Amnésie ».

With time going, each of us walked a different musical path, despite the common foundations that gathered us. After the first album we tried to reach a new musical evolution, but in the end we did not make it.
The Story was beautiful, we have nothing to regret.

Aching Beauty wishes to thank deeply all those that supported, followed, applauded and went along with us : Family, fans, musicians and bands.

Aching Beauty was Aldric, Antoine, Julien, Vincent, Vincent (20.100) et Fabien. Each of them will go forward and will certainly keep in touch with you via this website forum.

While leaving, we give you our music : the album « L’Ultima Ora » is now available freely for listening and download.

Aching Beauty

Fabien Labonde

Born 1974-08-13 - Lyon     (44)

Movie of the day : They Were In Normandy - Vincent Lecrocq
Album of the day : L'Ultima Ora
Website of the day : http://vitrifolk.apinc.org/instruments.html   (so many instruments to discover)

Instrument : Synthés
Gear : Yamaha Motif 7, Korg N364, Yamaha SY55, Roland AX1, Korg X5, + soundcards Yamaha DX7 and CS1X, piano Beaufre
Favorite bands and musicians : Mike Oldfield, Kevin Moore, Rick Wakeman, Steve Vai, Patrick Rondat, Jean-Michel Jarre, Queen, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Yes, Thelonious Monk, Superior, Jordan Rudess, Vladimir Horowitz
Favorite albums : L'Ultima Ora de ...
Favorite cover : Learning to Live (DREAM THEATER)
Favorite books : Le Petit Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), Walden (Henry David Thoreau), Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Richard Bach) The Swann (Roald Dahl). Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban(J.K.Rowling)
Favorite movies : The Bear (J-J Annaud); Shine (Scott Hicks)
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