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1 . What does « Aching Beauty » mean ?

Meaning is double : Aching Beauty is both a Beauty that hurts someone or a Beauty in pain. This is somehow the way we perceive music and creativity : something that needs to hurt to be beautiful, a feeling that needs to be intense to be translated into music...

2 . When was born Aching Beauty ?

The first line-up goes back to 1997. There was then Antoine de Mieulle (drums), Vincent Rémon (bass) and Fabien Labonde (keyboards), and various guitarists that quickly changed until the band found stability.

3 . How old is the current line-up ?

Aldric de Montfort joined Aching Beauty in February 2001. Julien Guillemet joined Aching Beauty during summer 2001. The first show with this line-up was made in march 2002.

4 . What are Aching Beauty’s members musical backgrounds ?

Vincent is autodidact, Antoine first learned violoncello for 4 years before moving on to jazz drums. Aldric had 3 years of classical guitar, 1 year of jazz guitar and another year of rock guitar lessons. Some members gave or still give lessons nowadays.

5 . Who created the different visuals of the band .

The logo ('AB' mixed letters) was created by William Vocant.
Vincent created the elements logos (water, earth, fire, air, ice)
Cryopsis designed "One More Step" booklet
Vincent designed "L'Ultima Ora" booklet, and of course, the artwork of this album is the work of Leonardi da Vinci.

6 . What are Aching Beauty's official albums ?

- One More Step (2001)
- Live unplugged at the New Morning (2003)
- L'Ultima Ora (2004)

7 . Who is Aching Beauty's webmaster ?

The Webmaster hiding under the nickname ViStA are Vincent and Stéphanie Rémon. More informations on http://vista.design.free.fr/